How to Use Your Time Wisely

How to Use Your Time Wisely

The way you spend your time is the way you spend your life.

So how effective are you and how can you use your time wisely?

It comes as quite a shock that people have more free time than ever before, according to the U.S Department of Labor, the average American over the age of 15 still has more than five hours of free time each day.

So how do we make our time count?

What do we have to eliminate, delegate, and minimize?

So Here are 8 Things You Should Spend More Time On And 8 Things You Shouldn’t

1. We should spend more time with ourselves rather than with the needless dramas around us

needless dramas
Enjoy the company of yourself!

There are many benefits to spending time with ourselves. It relieves stress, gives us a rounder perspective of life, and helps us to be more independent. It also offers us clarity, purpose, and definition. By spending more time with ourselves, we can avoid the needless dramas that surround us. Nonsense like hurtful relationships and negative talk will only make us unhappy.

2. We should spend more time reading instead of watching TV

addiction to TV watching
TV Addiction…

Watching TV is becoming not just a leisure activity, but an addiction. In the United States, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American watched TV for 2.8 hours per day. This could amount to 9 years of TV for an average person. All that time could be spent on something more productive or enjoyable, like reading. Reading will help you to know and understand people around you, the world, and yourself.

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3. We should spend time with our families rather than compulsive busyness

Cherish your time with your LOVED ones!

Our family should remain a priority in our lives. They are the reason we do so many things in life. However, it is easy to start neglecting the people that motivate our hard work. Spending time with your family affords you the opportunity to appreciate the fundamental things of life.

4. We should spend time giving to others rather than pursuing those things we cannot have

Giving makes us happier and more productive. It also means that we make a contribution to life’s unending cycle. We shouldn’t be a reservoir, but a river aiding to the flow of life. It is easy to conclude that we do not have enough, so why should we give? But you should appreciate what you already have and share some of it.

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5. We need to take care of ourselves instead of worrying about failures and mistakes

There are a lot of seemingly successful people who make great money, but whose mental and physical well-being is terrible. Slowly, they are consumed in stress and failures and cannot find a direction in which to go. It is better to take care of ourselves first by exercising and taking breaks before worrying about those things that are not within our control.

6. We need to take action instead of procrastinating

There is never a perfect time. Procrastination is the thief of time. But we can make the best use of our time by going after our true desires. Chase your dreams, because there is never a better time to start than now.

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7. We need to learn and educate ourselves rather than staying in wrong relationships

Time should be spent on learning something new. Education is endless and limitless. We are not on this planet to stagnate but to continue searching and rediscovering ourselves. Wrong relationships do us no good and only leaves us with a bruised self-esteem and making us feel less than acceptable, but we both know that we can use our time in a better way instead and focus on the right relationships that fill us with love, joy, and compassion.

8. We need to build good habits instead of spending money on wrong choices

Building good habits save us time and resources. It also helps us become more accomplished and feel more satisfied in life. Spending our money on useless things can affect our future and the genuine plans we intend to commit to.

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