Third Eye Chakra Meaning and Activation for Beginners

Third Eye Chakra Activation

Third Eye Chakra At A Glance:

First, let’s start with what the third eye chakra stands for!

Below you’ll see in one poster about all the things you get to know about the 3rd eye chakra:

Third Eye Chakra Poster At Glance
Third Eye Chakra At A Glance

Now, this article won’t be complete without a 3rd eye activation tool.

Check out this one of a kind “Third Eye Chakra Activation Meditation” from our friends at Unlock Your Life:

My favorite way to keep the Third Eye Chakra Active and Charged is with affirmations.

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

When it comes to the Third Eye chakra, keeping it well charged and active is key to maintain focus and clarity.

Also, this is the energy center for insight, intuition, and clairvoyance

And now let’s look at these 22 affirmations to raise your vibration and charge your 6th Chakra:

  1. I am an intuitive being.
  2. I trust my inner guidance
  3. Clarity and trust are my truth.
  4. I release and forgive the past.
  5. Alignment with my higher self is my reality.
  6. The Truth reveals itself to me.
  7. I am clear.
  8. My thoughts are calm and peaceful.
  9. I trust my inner voice.
  10. I am open and clear minded.
  11. My creative imagination is limitless.
  12. I open myself to know my inner guidance and deepest wisdom
  13. I live my true path and purpose.
  14. All of the answers I need are inside of me.
  15. I easily hear the voice of my higher self.
  16. My intuitive and clairvoyant abilities are expanding.
  17. I live in the light of my higher mind and allow it to illuminate my life.
  18. My ‘sixth sense’ guides me and I trust it.
  19. I have unlimited possibilities.
  20. I align myself with my soul’s spiritual truth.
  21. My third eye is active and charged.
  22. I follow my intuition.

3rd Eye Chakra Resources:

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