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Hi, I am Zane and my mission is to help you reach your highest potential personally and professionally. 


I will teach you all about mindfulness meditation, subconscious reprogramming, crystals, and other energy practices

so you can be more productive, confident and happy! 

My intent is to teach you how to be full of energy so you go after your big goals and dreams and to live the results that 

you seek through the art of heart-centered energy practices. 

Consider this site your home for everything inspiring, uplifting and transformational. 

Welcome to the UNSTOPPABLE Zone!

Much Luv ❤️

Coach Zane Baker

Energy Worker/ Transformational Coach

Here's How I Can Help:

Meditation Classes

Meditation is one of the life-changing ways to lift mental burdens and become a more healthy, spiritually centered, and mindful individual.  Learn The Art of Meditation.

Coach Zane Baker Meditations

Coach Zane Baker Ignite Your Life Mentoring

Transformational Coaching

Ignite Your Life is a 12 weeks transformational journey guided by Crystal Coach Zane Baker, Transformational Mentor Geoff Hand and Neuroscience Expert Nick Mathews

Wellness Retreat in Arizona

Personal Retreats in Carefree and Sedona Arizona. Let's connect to see if a retreat is the next step for you on your spiritual journey.

Coach Zane Baker Ignite Your Life Retreat

Discover Transformational Topics
With Coach Zane Baker:




Learn the art of releasing and reprogramming through Mindfulness, Ho'oponopono,

Tapping and other ancient and 

effective energy techniques. 

Coach Zane Baker Guided Meditations Spiritual Growth

EFT and Guided


Calm your mind, calm your life. Raise your vibration and align with your divine nature with guided meditations and brainwave entertainment by top experts.

Coach Zane Baker Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

Conscious Expansion

Ignite your soul, align with your spirit, transcend your limitation, and transform your reality. Expand your spiritual awareness through mind-heart-body connections.

Coach Zane Baker Crystals Crystal Healing


Crystal Healing

Discover the science and power of crystals healing as a way to aid you in your holistic approach towards vitality and well-being. Wellness for  you and your family. 

What People Are Saying About Zane Baker And His Work?

Crystal Coach Zane Baker #ZaneBaker Home for Transformation

I expand my mind, body and soul through the continual spiritual growth I get on this site and from the weekly mentoring sessions! Thank You Zane!

Coach Zane Baker Kelly M

Kelly McDonald. 

Energy Practitioner


Truly enjoy the guided meditations! Great meditations and music harmony. What a fantastic way to start the day. Thank You Zane!!

Coach Zane Baker JM

JM Tétreault.

Meditation Practitioner


Zane Baker is wonderful! If you want balance (emotionally, mentally, and in all areas of life) there is no better place to start than with Zane.

Coach Zane Baker Koren

Koren Whitemire


Awaken The Power Of
The Great Within!

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Coach Zane Baker Crystal Healing

Zane Baker

Meditation and Crystal Teacher and Transformational Mentor

Coach Zane Baker Mentor Geoff Hand

Geoff hand

Mastermind Leader and Transformational Mentor

Coach Zane Baker Nick Matthews Coach

nick matthews

Psychology and Neuroscience Expert & Mentor

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Peter Winner

Law of Attraction &

Mindset Mentor

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Coach Zane Baker Laura C

 Laura C 

 MindShift and Meditation



During the past three years I have had the honor of knowing Zane Baker as my mentor and friend. His ability to take something such as meditation that was once mysterious to me, and teach it in such a way that I am able to use it in my daily life is nothing short of a gift. Through the use of these tools, I have come to understand what was needed to allow abundance in it's many forms into my life. Coach Zane Baker uses the quote "May The Rest Of Your Life Be The Best Of Your Life". Words I live by.

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For more in depth story about Zane's background of growing up in war torn country of Iraq, continue here...


- Meditation Classes

- Subconscious Reprogramming Classes

- Energy Work Classes

- Crystal Knowledge Classes

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