Four Simple Mindfulness Exercises For People Who Hate To Meditate

For those who hate to meditate, I have not one but four simple mindfulness exercises.

Four Simple Mindfulness Exercises For People Who Hate To Meditate

In my 7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Meditation, I explained in details:

  • How important meditation is?
  • How it can transform your life?
  • Why do you get to create a daily practice of meditation?
  • And, what are the top tips to make meditation a habit?

The truth is, not everyone is into meditation, and that’s ok!

So in today’s short yet applicable read, I am going to share a few ways for those who still haven’t got into meditation, YET!

Let me introduce you to Mindfulness!

Mindfulness and living mindfully have nothing to do with meditation.

It’s a way of being!

Mindfulness, in general, is paying attention to anything that you do and being present in the NOW moment.

Likewise, mindfulness in meditation is the practice of paying attention to your breath and shifting your focus to the present moment.

But how can you use mindfulness in areas outside of meditation?

Below I am going to share with you 4 simple mindfulness exercises that can help you incorporate mindfulness to your everyday life.

Use them daily!


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  1. Savor Your Meal
  2. Stop To Observe
  3. Breathe… Just Breathe
  4. Visualize Thoughts

Additionally, to accompany these 4 mindfulness exercises , I got for you this awesome infographic that shows you how to use each of these mindfulness exercises and techniques.

Let’s take a look together:

4 Mindfulness Exercises

4 Mindfulness Meditation

From Visually.

To enlarge the infographic, please go here.

This Infographic was created by the awesome guys at Visually.

In summary, you can use mindfulness in many areas of life!

Adding mindfulness into your day can be very simple!

The above mentioned 4 ways is just the start.

So, get creative in how you can use mindfulness in your life.

Try these:

  • Mindful walking
  • Mindful speaking
  • Mindful listening

The list is limitless, just get creative!

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Dedicated to your success!


(H/T Visually.)

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