How to Quiet Your Mind – 6 Simple Techniques

how to quiet your mind

This Article simply explains how to quiet your mind with 6 simple yet proven techniques.

So, let’s get started!

Does your mind go constantly?

This is an issue most people have nowaday.

by Mark DeNicola (

“My mind just won’t shut up” is the most common excuse I hear when people explain to me why they can’t and don’t regularly attempt to make meditation a part of their daily life.

It’s the reason why so many of us feel as if we are doomed to be victims of busyness and scrambled thoughts, never experiencing the peace that comes with daily quiet time.

As someone who has struggled with that same issue (and still at times find myself battling it), I know how difficult quieting your mind can be.

But when we do experience those quiet moments, we understand how powerful they can be, how rejuvenated they can make us feel, and how much simpler our “big” issues can become.


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Here are 6 techniques that I personally have found helpful in quieting my mind:


6. 1. Focus On What You See When You Close Your Eyes

If asked to describe what we see when we close our eyes, most of us would describe it as the colour black. However, the truth is that our closed eyes are often telling us a much more interesting story. Close your eyes right now, focus on what you see. Is it actually just the solid colour black? Or is it more of a mixture of colours, some of which are undoubtedly created by the lighting in the room in which you are sitting?

No matter what you see, when you actually pay attention to it, it’s definitely something that can draw quite a bit of your attention, and I’ve often found it to be a great starting point to quieting my mind. At the very least it helps to shift my mind away from scattered thoughts, instead closing in on one focused thought – one that often sparks the creative element of my brain, which starts looking for images amongst the colourful display.



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