Things I Do Daily To Keep The House Clean

Things I Do Daily To Keep The House Clean

Are you able to keep your house clean?

In my opinion, your house is your castle!

It’s a sacred space where you rest and make lifetime memories.

So, therefore, keeping your castle clean is key to feeling a sense of wellness.

I personally keep my space tidy and fresh by using things like:

  • Organic cleaning supplies to minimize my exposure to chemicals
  • Crystals to keep energy following throughout the house
  • Plants to improve oxygen quality inside the house

Top FAVORITE Supplies:

And while supplies might be important to keep a clean house, it takes more than supplies to maintain a clean household.

So, below you’ll find a 60-second video that’ll give you some tips that I incorporate in my life to keep my house clean and tidy.

Please Watch The How To Keep A House Clean Tutorial:

On top of these tips, here are 10 things I do daily to keep my life organized:

  1. I make my bed every morning (daily)
  2. Use one mug for the day for my coffee/tea (daily)
  3. I use a reusable water bottle (daily)
  4. Do dishes, by hand or dishwasher (daily)
  5. I do laundry and fold it on the same day (2 times a week)
  6. Clean my bathroom sink area (2 times a week)
  7. I tidy up the living room before bedtime (daily)
  8. Tidy up the kitchen and dining table after dinner (daily)
  9. I collect all trash and take to the bin (2 times a week)
  10. Take recycling out (Once a week)

These tips might be simple, but they are quite powerful when applied consistently.

Did you enjoy these house maintenance tips?

How To Keep A House Clean

Home Organization Tool:

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