Which Precious Gemstone Match Your Spirit?

Which Precious Gemstone Match Your Spirit
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Which Precious Gemstone Match Your Spirit?

Before we dive into which precious gemstone matches your spirit, let me tell you what a Gemstone stands for.

A gemstone (also known as a gem, a jewel, a precious stone or a semi-precious stone)is a piece of mineral crystal that after being cut and polished can be used in jewelry or another accessory.

Besides being used in Jewelry, Gemstones have amazing healing and therapeutic effects and for those who want to learn more about that, check out my top articles about the topic below:

Now to find out which gemstone mirrors your personality and channels your spirit, click on the Let’s Play button to start.

So, which precious gemstone did you get?

I got Rhodochrosite!

This is how Rhodochrosite looks like in case you’re wondering:

red rhodochrosite

Personality meets Rhodochrosite Means:

  • Like Rhodochrosite, this red and pink stone is very rare and valuable!
  • Also, you are passionate and strong-willed as well as confident and you know how to handle tough situations.
  • Moreover, in relationships whether social or romantic, you’re always ahead of the game, knowing exactly how you want things handled; you can foresee the outcome of a situation and act smartly and resourcefully to achieve the desired result.
  • And, you’re a natural born leader that many people want to follow, your boldness and bravery makes you an exciting person to know, and loyal to those close to you.
  • Last but not least, you’re a fighter ’til the end!

So, your turn, let me know in the comment section below what gemstone mirrors your spirit <3

Ps. share the fun with your circle of family and friends and see what’s gemstone matches their spirit 🙂 

P.P.S. Enjoyed this quiz? Then you’re in for quite a treat as I have more for you, go check out my QUIZZES section.

Crystal Blessings to all,

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