Demonstrating Determination Is The Key to Success

Determination for Success

Good Morning!

I read this poem about determination and felt compelled to share with you here.

The Poet has done an amazing job in describing how with the right attitude any form of success is possible.

I included a link of the poet’s other work for those who are interested in reading more from Shashikant Nishant Sharma.

Determination for Success

Nothing is impossible if you wish
Every hurdle can be moved if you push

There are opportunities, don’t miss

You already know there’s big rush
If you don’t move somebody will crush
March ahead with enthusiasm afresh

What you need is true dedication
A ton of zeal and strong determination
The world is not static, it’s in motion

It will move ahead with you
Or without you, do you view?
Great mission is accomplished
Noble target is achieved

Only when desire meets determination
Determination is the sole determinant
Which defines the final resultant

Winner or loser among many a contestant
Determination is not variable, it’s constant
Luck is variable which may change at instant

Difference between success and failure is determination
When physical strength exhaust
And you still keep moving

Then be sure almost
It’s nothing
But you determination

Shashikant Nishant Sharma



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