Which Country Best Fits Your Personality?

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Which Country Best Fits Your Personality?

If you ever found yourself wondering if you were living in the right place, then today is your lucky day!

Here is a quiz that will help you answer that question.

It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and quite honestly, it felt very accurate when I did it for me!

Let’s play!

So what did you get?

Did your personality match the city or country you’ve got?

Here are my results:

I got Brazil.

Zane, You are an adventure enthusiast!

You like to party and have a night out with your friends.

A city with culture and a vivacious lifestyle is your cup of tea. OMG, this sounds like a dream already!

Also, you LOVE warm climates and enjoy being near the water.

Sitting at home is not for you, you’d rather be doing something active, maybe a walk around town with a few intimate friends.

You appreciate good conversations, and you have a strong yet humble personality.

Your motto in life is, “Life is for living” and in Brazil, you are amongst those who share your passion.

Even though I don’t live in Brazil, believe it or not, it’s on my bucket list of countries to visit.

For 2 years, I lived in Tampa Florida which was exactly like the description of my results and that totally was a fit for my personality!

Here’s a throwback from my Florida Days:

I really love these quizzes, they are fun, do you agree?

in conclusion, where you were born has nothing to do with where you could be!

Keep an open mind and explore things!

Just cause you were born in the countryside, that doesn’t make you a cowboy or cowgirl 😉

Your turn, NOW!

Please share your results in the comment section below – I truly enjoy reading and interacting with you guys and gals.

Till we speak again, have a marvelous day!


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