Top 10 American Cities to Watch the Sunrise

Top American Cities Sunrise

Top American Cities Sunrise list of must-see sunrises!

Rise and shine my friends!

Let your adventure begin early at one of these Top 10 American Cities, each perfectly known for taking in a breathtaking sunrise.

And when it come to sunrises, no two sunrises are ever the same. Whether it’s the colors, the big poofy clouds, the scenery, or the ambiance, each one has something unique about it.

So get ready to explore these amazing spots.

Because from the beautiful landscape of the District of Colombia on the East Coast to the sandy beaches of Hawaii, you are about to experience the 10 best places to watch the sunrise around the US.

Breathtaking American Cities Sunrise List!

Let’s explore these American Cities that are well-known for their sunrises.


For tens of years, people have been watching sunrises peek through these 10 cities.

You have to add watching the sunrise in one of these 10 awesome American cities as an item on your bucket list.

Let me know in the comment section below, which one of these 10 American Cities Sunrise is your favorite?

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