5 Essential Questions of Life with Dean James Ryan of Harvard’s

Essential Questions - Watch as Dean James Ryan shares his five questions of life. the-wanderer

Dean James Ryan’s 5 Essential Questions in Life

Welcome to today’s thought-provoking video.

I came about Dean James Ryan’s work when I read his small but mighty book “Wait, What?: And Life’s Other Essential Questions

The book is short and very straightforward!

In the book, I learned about the 5 Essential Questions we all can use more often to keep our life interesting.

That book led me to find this video from Dean James Ryan where he delivers the “5 Essential Questions in Life” from his 2016 HGSE Commencement Speech below:

Dean James Ryan’s 5 Essential Questions In Life

The 5 Essential Questions Are:

  1. Wait, What? The root of all understanding
  2. I Wonder? The heart of all curiosity
  3. Couldn’t we at least? The beginning of all progress
  4. How can I help? The base of all good relationships
  5. What truly matters? The Heart of Life

If you ask yourself these essential questions often and answer them truthfully, then you’ll be ready for the bonus question:

And did you get what you wanted out of life? Even so…

To dive deeper into those 5 essential questions, I invite you to read Dean James’s Book: Wait, what?

In conclusions, asking yourself these 5 essential questions can lead to a more meaningful life.

And by answering Dean James Ryan’s questions, you invite more growth and expansion of your consciousness as a being!

Before I say see you later, could you please share in the comment section at the end of this article your thoughts about which one of these 5 questions you found the most intriguing?

Much Luv,

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