111 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Melt Your Heart

111 Random Acts of Kindness

111 Ideas to Practice Random Acts of Kindness That’ll Bring a Big Smile to Your Face.

Hi Divine Being of Light,

Today as I was browsing my Facebook wall, I came across a fine piece of artistic expression.

Before I share what I found with you, let me introduce you to the author my dear friend Stephen Parato or as we like to call him SteveiP.

I and Him always find ourselves engrossed in a deep discussion about the state of humanity, consciousness, and other deep spiritual topics.

I feel you guys will find SteveiP’s 111 Random Act of Kindness Ideas article quite fresh and creative.

Please find the original article here, now let’s dive in:

Written by Stephen Parato:

Imagine if everyone on Earth performed just one random act of kindness every day…

There’s no doubt that the world would be a better place.

111 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
111 Random Acts of Kindness

But here’s the thing…

Most people completely overlook the little, simple things in life. Not only that, people underestimate the power of little, simple acts done consistently.

They want the highlight reel.

They want the game winning shot, without the thousands of hours shooting free throws in the gym. They want the bestselling book, without the months typing on the computer. They want the fit body, without the daily exercise and healthy food choices.

See what I’m getting at? It’s the simple daily practices that create the amazing things we see.

A happier, more peaceful, more abundant world is created the same way.

When the number of people performing small acts of kindness daily reaches a tipping point, it automatically changes the world for the better.

Did I mention that it feels amazing too?

Think about the last time you performed a random act of kindness… How did it feel? Pretty good, right?

And everyone benefits when more people are happy. When everyone you meet is kind, it’s better for you.

All of this is common sense. But again, it’s so easy to overlook the power of simple acts of kindness performed daily.

That’s why I compiled a massive list of random acts of kindness ideas.

Here’s your inspiration.

111 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

1. Buy someone socks

111 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

2. Publicly acknowledge someone for being a great person (like in a Facebook Post)

3. Support a crowd-funded project you think is awesome (on Kickstarter or Indiegogo)

4. Lend money to a third world entrepreneur via Kiva.com

5. Leave an unexpectedly big tip

6. Give your leftover food from a restaurant to a homeless person

7. When you buy food to go, buy an extra meal for a homeless person nearby

8. Give a homeless person clothing

9. Have a genuine conversation with a homeless person

10. Give a genuine compliment to someone

11. Hold the door for someone

111 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

12. Buy the person behind you coffee when in line at a coffee shop

13. Tell your mom you love her

14. Call someone in your family and ask how they’re doing

15. Call a friend and ask how they’re doing

16. Send a random gift from Amazon to someone

17. Write a letter of appreciation to your mom (even if she’s not here physically)

18. Write a letter of appreciation to your dad (even if he’s not here physically)

19. Write a love letter to your intimate partner

20. Write a letter of appreciation to a friend or family member

21. Surprise someone by sending them a nice text

22. Write a love letter to yourself

23. Leave a kind note in a neighbor’s mailbox

24. Send a piece of art to a friend or family member

25. Write three things you’re grateful for

26. Thank someone doing a public service job

27. Volunteer at a local place

28. Buy local food

29. Start a compliment post on social media – Say something like this: “Reply with your name and I’ll give you a heartfelt compliment.”

30. Treat yourself to a bath

31. Treat yourself to a massage

111 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

32. Treat yourself to floatation tank session

33. Treat yourself to a meditation and find stillness

34. Do a loving kindness meditation

35. Treat yourself to some relaxing time in nature

36. Buy or make someone in your house their favorite food

37. Cook for everyone in your house

38. Buy someone AAA for a year

39. Buy someone a book that they would enjoy

40. Create a customized shirt for someone

41. Donate to a good cause

111 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

42. Support an artist you know by buying from them and sharing their work

43. If someone you know writes a book, buy it and review it

44. Write a kind letter to your past self

45. Pay for someone’s parking

46. Compliment a random person and tell them to pay it forward

47. Post on social media, “How can I help you today?”

48. Book an AirBnb weekend getaway for someone

49. Write compliments on notecards and give them out randomly

50. If someone seems upset, ask them if they need anything

51. Hide a nice note in someone’s bag

111 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

52. Serve at a homeless shelter

53. Pick up litter in a park or on a beach

54. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway when it snows

55. Take someone new to your neighborhood on a tour of your town/city

56. Offer to take a photo for a couple (and compliment them)

57. Help someone who has a flat tire

58. Give up your seat on public transportation to someone

59. Donate your hair after a haircut

60. Buy groceries for the person behind you

61. Give someone an umbrella when it’s raining

111 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

62. Visit a nursing home (bring gifts or cards with compliments)

63. Write kind words on rocks and leave them at a park

64. Befriend a military veteran

65. When people are gossiping, say something nice

66. Each time you get a new piece of clothing, donate an old one.

67. Really listen to someone

68. Smile at someone on the street

69. Wave to someone on the street

70. Forgive someone

71. Let someone turn or merge while you’re driving

111 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

72. Be kind to an angry person (you don’t know what they’re going through)

73. Write your partner a list of things you love about them

74. Make a friend or family member dinner and bring it to their house

75. Have extra old coats in your car to give homeless people in the winter

76. Offer to do something for someone who’s overwhelmed

77. Leave a kind employee a good review

78. Contact a company online and tell them how great one of their employees are

79. Connect two people who you know can help each other

80. Whenever you’re reminded of someone (in a positive way), let them know

81. Ask someone an interesting question about their life

111 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

82. Buy someone gas at a gas station

83. Visit the elders in your family (grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles…etc)

84. Plant a tree

85. Share inspiring quotes with people

86. Send a care package to someone

87. Speak at a school about your career or passion

88. Mentor someone

89. Organize a surprise party for someone

90. Commit to not complaining for a day

91. Learn the name of someone you see often but never talk to

111 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

92. Be the “answer to someone’s prayer” by sharing advice or any action you feel an intuitive call towards

93. Send a care package to your local fire station

94. Give extra boxes to someone who’s moving

95. Say “Thank You” more often

96. Be someone’s cheerleader

97. If you see a well-behaved kid, compliment their parent in front of them. Both the kid and the parent will feel good.

98. Help someone who seems lost

99. Help a stressed parent by offering to babysit

100. FaceTime with any little kids in your life (they love it)

101. Offer a glass of water to anyone who comes to work on your house or yard

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

102. Help someone out who might be feeling awkward at a party or event

103. Hang a sign on a bulletin board that says “Take What You Need” with tear-off tabs on the bottom with inspiring words or phrases

104. Bring toys to a homeless shelter

105. Make a music playlist for someone

106. Let someone cut in front of you in line

107. Leave a kind note in a library book

108. Start a random acts of kindness trend at your work

109. Do one of these things for someone who you don’t get along with

110. Spontaneously surprise someone with your own random act of kindness idea

111. Share this article to inspire more people 

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

eBooks by Stephen Parato:

StevieP did it again!

Not 10, not 20 but 111 creative ideas for random acts of kindness.

To support SteveiP’s latest Kindness Initiative, please check his campaign here.

I hope you TRULY enjoyed this article about these creative random acts of kindness!

With love, light, and gratitude,


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